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Have you ever wished that you could do something about your annoying skin every morning when you look in the mirror? Then you've come to the correct place because we are about to reveal a little secret that can solve all your skin problems.

Oatmeal is the simple answer to all your skin problems.

We are all aware that oatmeal is a highly recommended healthy food. But did you know that oats can also be beneficial to your skin? Oats is a wonderful skin food. It is a great skin care ingredient that cleanses, nourishes, and repairs the skin.

Here are a few basic strategies for making the ideal homemade oatmeal face pack.


Homemade Oatmeal Face Packs

1.   Honey and Oats Face Pack

2.   Almond and Oats Face Pack

3.   Papaya and Oats Face Pack

4.   Gram Flour and Oats Face Pack

5.   Curd and Oats Face Pack

6.   Tomato and Oats Face Pack

7.   Multani Mitti and Oats Face Pack

8.   Milk and Oats Face Pack

9.   Oats and Turmeric Face Pack

10.  Oats and Lemon Face Pack


Recipes for Great Oatmeal Face Masks

1. Honey and Oats Face Pack


·        2 tablespoon milk

·        2 tablespoon oats

·        1 tablespoon honey



1.   Mix the honey completely with the oatmeal.

2.   Add the milk and blend until a paste of the required consistency is formed.

3.   Apply the face pack to your face and leave it to dry naturally for around 15 minutes.

4.   After washing it off, your skin will feel softer and more hydrated.

Ideal For

This oatmeal face pack helps to keep your skin smooth and hydrated by combating dryness.



2.   Almond and Oats Face Pack